Product junkie. Makeup savvy. Beautista. No matter which label you prefer, I think it’s safe to say that everyone likes a good bargain. Regardless of your age, race, economic status or religious preference, we all like to feel like we’re getting the big fish for minimal effort. It’s like getting a pair of $3,000 Jimmy Choos for $250. Almost like hitting the jackpot! The same holds true with shopping for makeup.

There are some great inexpensive products available in every day stores that not only work well, but are easy on your wallet. While I love my Bobbi Brown, Iman, Sonia Kashuk and others, more times than not I’m looking for good products that cost less.

Here are some of the best beauty products available for under $10.

1. Custom scented oils - Since 1992, I’ve had a professional aromatheragenius. In other words, I have a person who custom blends scented oils and lotions  based on my body’s chemistry and personal preferences. I use them in my bath water, in the shower, with my Eucerin body lotion or with natural oils like jojoba and olive oil. Prices start at $5/ounce.

2. Aquaphor lip repair (LOVE this stuff) – I’ve been a Blistex kind of gal for years until   my skin became allergy prone. My lips were easily inflamed, prone to splitting and very dry. Hence, I accepted the opportunity to review Aquaphor lip repair in hopes that it would at least help. In 48 hours my lips were noticeably healthy and the inflammation was all but gone. At $5.99 for two tubes, this is definitely a steal.

3. e.l.f. makeup accessories – I’ve always liked e.l.f. products and I especially became a fan when the price of the products ranged between $1 and $8. Most of the accessories  can be found in Target (or Tarjay for the makeup savvy). Depending on where you live, you can find e.l.f. products at Walmart, Riteaid or other chain stores.

4. Covergirl, Maybelline and L’oreal – I absolutely love to use all of these products! As a professed product junkie, I’ve learned where to go to get the hottest trends in color and styles: the Dollar Store! When I don’t feel like splurging $10 for the season’s latest eye shadow, I simply wait a month, head over to the Dollar Tree and purchase said color or colors that are close enough to make the cut. If your Dollar Tree isn’t product junkie friendly, wait for “end of season sales.” You’re likely to find BOGOs, half-off, or other deep discounted colors and products.

5. MaryKay, Avon – looking for great deals on these products? Shop the clearance sale. I never fail to find a seasonal lip stain, rocking eye shadow or fabulous mascara that has been discounted by as much as 50 percent! Plus, when you buy these products, you’re investing not only in yourself but in the women who are in this line of work. A total win-win!

6. Trial sizes and samples at a specialty store near you – you have not because you ask not. Did you know that most department stores, spas and other specialty places where quality makeup is sold will give you free samples if you ask? I went to my favorite spa for a massage. While I was there I thought I’d treat myself to a complimentary makeup consultation. The result? I took home several trial sizes of makeup and custom blended foundation. You know what’s better than cheap prices? No prices!  Trial sizes and free samples are your friend – don’t be afraid to ask for them.

Do you have a favorite  product that you buy for under $10? Do share!


editor’s note: I am a partner with Eucerin Skin First Network and receive products to review. My opinions are my own. 

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